Square Brass Chowki For Idols And Pooja (Set of 2)

$110.00 USD

Measure (inch): 2.5” (H) x 5” (L), weight: 1.8 lbs (each), total weight: 3.6 lbs 

This exquisite brass chowki is a beautiful addition to any Indian home decor, perfect for use as a sacred space for pooja rituals and offerings to the Hindu gods. Made of high-quality brass, this chowki is a perfect representation of traditional Indian art and craftsmanship.

The intricate design and impeccable detailing of this brass chowki make it an ideal centerpiece for any pooja room. Its elegant appearance and fine finish are sure to attract the attention of anyone who sees it, adding a touch of traditional elegance to your home.

This brass chowki is perfect for placing your favorite Hindu god idol, creating a sacred space for your daily pooja rituals. Its sturdy construction and timeless design make it a perfect addition to any home, offering a peaceful and serene environment for spiritual practices. Great for gifting during weddings, anniversaries, house warming ceremonies, new ventures, award ceremonies, etc. 

Overall, this brass chowki is an essential item for any devotee of Hinduism, combining spirituality with traditional Indian art. Its exquisite design and fine craftsmanship make it a perfect addition to any home decor.

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