Lord Buddha Handmade Oil Painting - Wall Decor

$359.00 USD

Measure: 26" (H) X 20" (W) (with frame) 

This handmade oil painting is an abstract interpretation of the iconic figure of Lord Buddha. The painting depicts Lord Buddha with a serene expression on his face. The painting features Lord Buddha in a white and blue color scheme, with leaf falling around him. The abstract style of the painting gives it a modern and contemporary feel, while the use of the white and blue color scheme adds a sense of tranquility and peace. It bring the image of Lord Buddha to life, making it a truly breathtaking work of art. 

The oil paint is expertly applied to the canvas by skilled artisans, ensuring that the finished product is of the highest quality. Whether you are a fan of Buddhism or simply appreciate beautiful artwork, this handmade oil painting of Lord Buddha is sure to be a valued addition to your collection. It comes framed.

A beautiful gift for any auspicious occasion depicting a symbol of love and sacrifice. Thanksgiving Gift, Anniversary Gift, Wedding Gift, Birthday Gift, Diwali Gift. 

* The product may vary slightly in size and color as it is handmade.

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