9.5 Inches Krishna Statue, Copper Finish Marble Dust & Resin Idol - Decorative Figurine

$85.00 USD

Measure: 9.5” (H) x 3” (W) x 3” (D)

This exquisite Krishna statue is a stunning addition to any home decor collection, embodying the beauty and grace of the beloved Hindu god Sri Krishna. Made of high-quality cultured marble, this statue has been expertly crafted with intricate details, traditional Indian art, with a copper finish that gives it a striking metallic appearance.

With its captivating design and intricate detailing, this Sri Krishna idol is the perfect centerpiece for any space. Whether placed on a mantel, bookshelf, or altar, this Krishna statue is sure to bring an aura of peace, harmony, and divinity to any room.

This Krishna statue is a perfect addition to any Indian decor, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance of Hinduism. Its timeless design and immaculate craftsmanship make it a perfect gift for anyone looking to add a touch of traditional elegance to their home decor.

Overall, this Krishna statue with a copper finish cultured marble is an extraordinary piece of art that is sure to captivate anyone who sets their eyes on it. It is a must-have for any devotee of Sri Krishna, and a beautiful addition to any home decor.

* The product may vary slightly in size and color as it is handmade.
* Recommended dry dusting only. 

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