12 Inch Goddess Saraswati Brass Idol, Pooja Statue

$366.00 USD

Delivery in 21 business days.

Measures: 12” (H) x 9.5” (W) x 7” (D), weight: 17.5 lbs

Ma Saraswati Brass Statue is a stunning depiction of the Hindu goddess of Arts, Music, and Knowledge. This intricately designed idol is made from high-quality brass and adorned with beautiful artwork, creating a unique and eye-catching piece of Indian home decor. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this idol, from the fine features of the goddess to the intricate design work that adorns the entire statue.

Measuring at a perfect size, this idol is suitable for display in your home temple, altar, or mandir, adding a touch of divine beauty to your daily prayers and rituals. Whether you're looking to enhance your spiritual practice, create an inviting ambiance in your home, or simply appreciate the beauty of Indian art, the Ma Saraswati Brass Idol is sure to exceed your expectations.

This idol also makes for a perfect housewarming gift or a special present for any occasion. Gift it to a loved one and share the blessings of the goddess of knowledge with them. Bring home this beautiful piece of art today and experience the divine grace of Ma Saraswati in your life.

* The product may vary slightly in size and color as it is handmade.

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