Dhokra Deer & Jewelry Painting - Fusion Wall Decor

$299.00 USD

Measures (inch) : 15"X15", 15.5"X6.5”, 15.5"X6.5”

This beautiful deer head wall décors have been crafted in Dhokra art. The wall décor has wooden framed giving it a complete ethnic look. This skillfully designed piece of art will add panache to your decor.

The painting of traditional Jewelry designs in Marble is done with 22K gold leaf and colored glass. Once a design is drawn on marble tile the gold leaf is pasted on it with an adhesive. These designs are further embellished with gold leaf and enamel colors and colored glass pieces. Finally, the piece is lacquered.

This set of Dhokra deer head and handcrafted jewelry painting wall decor, the wall hanging will enhance the look and vibe of any drawing-room, Living room, or entrance foyer.

The marble paintings of Rajasthan make memorable and unique gifts for your loved ones. GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION: Diwali, Wedding, graduation, baby shower, bridal shower, Thanksgiving, holiday or Christmas party. Each one is an exemplary display of the skill of local artisans.

* Being Handmade, minor variation can be expected

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