Handicrafts Station: Uruli - Urli

Handicrafts Station: Uruli - Urli

Handicrafts make India’s ancient culture timeless. Crafting things by hand is less of a job and more of artisans’ expression of their vibrant traditions and lifestyles. These are pieces of utility as well as beauty, faith and whimsy.

One such indian handicrafts is Uruli – It is a traditional cookware extensively used in South India. It is also pronounced as Urli and commonly made of clay, copper and bronze. It was generally used for cooking and for preparing medicines but with time it has turned into decorative objects that impart a royal glow to an otherwise simple, bland setting. Urlis made from terracotta, stone and metals are filled with water and vibrantly coloured flowers afloat on top. This makes a perfect centrepiece down the hallway, elegant, soothing and welcoming. Today enormous Urlis have found place in home, and posh resorts around the world for the perfect reason that Urli reflect unique beauty and richness to the surrounding. 

Let's peep some amazing urli decor ideas to spice the style:

Amazing Urli flower decoration to welcome our guest, it leaves a beautiful lasting impression.

Urli Flower Decor - Crafts N Chisel

Bring some brass love to our decor: Ganesha idol, hanging bell and diya, and Urli with roses, makes a perfect harmony.

Photo Credit: Chandana

Mix it up: Ganesha diya with rose petals and marigold flowers in Urli.

Photo Credit: Lexie Jay

Designer Peacock Urli:

Peacock is a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors. Many Hindu sculptures depict peacocks as a symbol of the cycle of time. Peacock is associated with Goddess Saraswati, a deity representing benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion and knowledge. It has a special relation with Lord Krishna who wears peacock feathers on his head and also ties them with his flute. Its beauty is a symbol of love and happiness.

Photo Credit: Crafts N Chisel

Diya Urli Decor: Diya signifies purity, goodness, good luck and power. 

Diya Urli Decor - Home Decor - Crafts N ChiselPhoto Credit: Pinkz Passion

Urli in Living room: 

Ganesha uril - Living room decor - Crafts N Chisel

Photo Credit: Crafts N Chisel

Urli in Garden Space: Mesmerizing Ganesha and elephant design urli in garden space is a perfect way to begin the day. 

Ganesha urli - Brass decor - home decor - Crafts N Chisel USA

Photo Credit: Crafts N Chisel

It was lovely sharing urli designs with you, hope these urli decor ideas cheered you. Leaving you with the mist of decor ideas until we meet again.

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