Gold Leaf Painting

Gold leaf is gold, generally 22k, that has been hammered into fine sheets. The process of pounding solid gold into a thin leaf is called goldbeating, and the act of using gold leaf to adorn a surface is called gilding.

Making of Gold Leaf Painting: Once the sculpture, made up of marble or glass, is chiseled and finished it is thoroughly washed to remove the dust and other particles. Then with a pencil, the artist draws the artwork or outline on the surface. Depending upon the style of art, a motif can consist of jewelry, flowers, animals, portraits, petals, deity, etc. The motifs are embossed by brush application of a mixture of village sand and glue. Once dry, pencil lines are erased and a coat of yellow paint mixed with varnish is applied to designs.    

Gold leaf is pressed on to the motifs. Gold Leaf sticks to the design as the paint is semi-wet while rest of the leaf is removed and can be used again. The gold-gilded patterns are carefully outlined with a very fine brush and then varnished again to prepare it for the addition of poster or photo paints. A final coat of varnish is applied to seal all the elements together and protect them from scratches.

Gold leaf are used in number of art forms to give exclusivity to the painting.

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