Dashavatar And Our Home

An avatar in Sanskrit means “descent.” It is the manifestation of God, a deity, or the supreme self in an earthly embodiment. Dashavatara of Vishnu means ten avatars of Lord Vishnu; he manifested on earth to sustain the dharma and protect mankind. Lord Vishnu is one of the three supreme deities of Hinduism along with Lord Brahma and Shiva. Lord Vishnu is the protector and the preserver of the universe. 

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As per vastu, Dashavatar are suggested to be kept in NE, SW, S or W direction in the house to bring positive energy for human well being, peace and health.

All ten incarnations represents different directions in the house :

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  • North East Is the corner of Knowledge. Lord Parashurama, is a brahmin, a sage, and a well-known warrior, he symbolizes knowledge. 
  • East is the direction of the water element. Matsya avatar is the half fish and a half-human avatar of Vishnu, it is the symbol of water. 
  • South East is the direction of fire. Narasimha Avatar is a symbol of fire. Narsimha is the half-lion avatar, Lion represents strength and agni (fire).
  • South - Varah avatar, half-boar avatar of Vishnu. It represents cleaning of the environment and restoring life on the earth.
  • South West represents the earth element. Vaman Avatar, he has taken the whole earth in his possession in 1 step, he represents as lord of Earth.
  • West is also the direction of water, Kurma Avatar, half tortoise avatar of Lord Vishnu, is representation of the god of water, varuna.
  • North West is the direction of air wind. Kalki Avatar is represented as a warrior with a horse. Horse represents the air element.
  • North is the direction of money, crops and prosperity. Balarama Avatar - he is the man with the plow, to grow and harness crops. He is the symbol of prosperity.
  • Center of the house, also known as Bramasthan is where cosmic and telluric energies meet and make the essential energy for human life. Telluric energy emanates from the center of the earth while cosmic energy radiates from space. Lord Krishna is the representation of Cosmic energy while Lord Rama represents Telluric or earth energy.

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