Sleek Crystal 7" Flower Vase - Crystal Table decor - home decor

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$39.99 USD

Welcome to the fascinating world of finest handcrafted crystal and experience a romantic silver brilliance of fine cut crystal and the ‘fire’ in diamond that disperse light to render the rainbow effect!  It is a possession that makes a statement of art and fashion.

This 7" beautifully handcrafted cut glass pearl finished flower vase is a product of intense hard work of experienced artisans and is individually hand cut by nimble fingers of master craftsman.

Accentuate the beauty of roses, floral arrangements and cut flowers with a beautifully crafted crystal vase. Both functional and decorative, the 7" Crafts N Chisel Vase transforms any floral arrangement into a statement piece.

It's a thoughtful gift for loved ones.




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