11” Decorative Brass Urli - Urli Bowl For Flower & Candle Decor

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Rs 7,933

Measure (inch): Height: 11", Length: 9”. Width: 8"

This Majestic 11” Decorative Brass Urli for home decor is handcrafted by Indian artisans using century-old skills of idol making for temples and religious ceremonies. It is made of solid brass. You can fill it with water and float flowers or candles on top. You can also use them as decorations in your home in the living room or bedroom or place them on a dining table instead of candles. 

Use this urli in any special space to create a divine ambiance bringing joy, happiness, and well being into your home. Enhance the decor of the temple, house, office, hotel, etc with traditional design and eye-catching Urli.

Great for gifting during weddings, anniversaries, house warming ceremonies, new ventures, award ceremonies, etc

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