Handcrafted 14" Lord Krishna Brass Idol & Dhokra Cow Set - Decorative Figurine

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$224.99 USD

Measure: Lord Krishna Size: 14" Height, Cow Size: 11"X 3" X 4.75"

This handcrafted set of Brass Lord Krishna Statue and Dhokra cow will add panache to your home decor. 

Divine God of Love - this deity statue is made of brass with high polished inlay finish. This puja idol with flute is believed to bring success and prosperity. The magnificent form of this crafted Gokul idol creates a peacefulness, harmony and spiritual ambiance around us.

This beautiful Dhokra cow has been crafted in brass. Dhokra is a 5000 years old art form. It is an ancient method of making metal artifacts by a wax-casting technique.

Add a new dimension to your outdoor or indoor space with this decor showpiece. Brighten up your home decor with this set of Vasudev figurine and Dhokra brass cow.

This set makes a perfect gift for any Diwali, Janmashtami, house warming, Wedding, Congratulatory gift.

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